Name: Mr Kamaraju Vadre C/E

Good communication is preferred and must be there between individual persons. Understanding is very important in places where language problem exists. Pilots may give command for full speed, but the C/E should use his discretion, because at time the engine has to be stopped and reversed. Distance to reach may be very less, and safety is very very important. Pilot talks need not be ignored, sametime safety is to be strictly adhered to. These should be discussed during the safety meeting .

Weather conditions should be discussed and understood clearly. Sometimes it may be required to sail out even though the weather is very rough owing to commercial pressure. High risk may be involved, all involved should have a clear cut understanding.

One of the ship’s main engine fuel injector system had a problem, The temperature was going very high. On inspection found some rags blocking the cooling passage. Care must be exercised while cleaning the system to avoid such stoppages and delays.

While doing decarbonisation of main engine, E/R crane motor was tripping frequently when liner was tried to withdraw. The liner was jammed in the jacket. Without understanding, the resetting of the breaker was done and the motor was repeatedly tried out. Ultimately the motor burnt off and rewinding was necessitated.