Name: Mr. R Manivannan, Chief Officer

1. Vessel departed Oman, for India and was in HRA (High Risk Area). 2 days after departure, 2/E while doing maintenance of Incinerator got injured on his right hand wrist – cut flush.

First aid was given to him, and after 2 hrs Master spoke to the company and decided to deviate to OMAN island. It took one day to Oman Island, Oman Navy came in Helicopter and 2/E was taken to the hospital.

Vessel was discharging coal @ anchorage, EL/O was doing antipiracy watch (10 – 12). He was
tied up with his own shoe lace by 3 robbers, who came in through anchor chain, stole his personal belongings. Bosun who was keeping (12 – 2) watch, went to relieve EL/O @ 1155 hrs. Robbers caught him and tied him with his shoe laces and stole his personal belongings. They stole 95 mm towing rope from forecastle store. Around 1215 hrs 2/O went for rounds and found both EL/O and Bosun tied up, raised the alarm. By hearing the alarm, the robbers jumped into sea and escaped. Samarinda port was informed and 3 security guards were allotted for the vessel till the ship’s Departure.