Name: Mandala Dinesh Reddy, Student ID: 47148, Rank: Chief Engineer

Vessel Started using unanalysed bunker after doing RA and obtaining office permission after usage vessel, experienced in breakdown of auxiliary engines, 6 units twice, and wear down of liner of3 units. Purifier overflowed continuously. Had spares for unit decarbonisation, and one spare liner, the reason for bad quality of fuel is high catfines, the little less than max value and the fuel was not blended properly by supplier.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
The Bunker should be analysed before usage. At least charterer should have provided analysis report from suppliers.
Vessel should have sufficient chemicals for treatment of fuel
Owners should have kept note where the quality is bad in Houston, Singapore, Malaysia and sent fuel for extended analysis
Company should have provided more man power
(Oiler sent onboard)

Total 12units decarbonisation carried out, 1liner changed because of bad quality fuel, there was continuous filter getting choked and purifier overflows. E/R staff under serious stress, and restless 3/E had to be signed off because of ill health because of restlessness.