Name: S. Rajasekar
Student ID: 57755 Rank: III rd Engineer


Steam leaking on boiler tubes while sailing
Corrective Action/ Lessons to be Learnt:
Two boiler tubes were already plugged, and it was not replaced in the drydock. Frequently boiler inspection has to be done & job to be done properly carried out in the dry dock. Leaking tubes were plugged and st. Drum were welded properly & inspected.
While sailing during UMS, steam low pressure alarm came & suddenly fire alarm also came. Then changed over from UMS to completely manned and noticed that the boiler tubes were leaking from the sides. Isolated the boiler and made a stage & removed the cover, lagging etc. There was a leak on the side & also leak on the steam drum. Leaking tubes were plugged & inside St. Drum welding was done.