Name: N.Chandra Prakash
Student ID: 63539 Rank: III rd Engineer

Purifier overflow due to incorrect bowl height after overhauling.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Purifier dismantled & bowl height adjusted. Gasket renewed for the sealing water side.
1. Follow all instruction in the manual without fail.
2. Consult senior or CE when in doubt.
3. Don’t neglect any part or steps that are instructed in manual.
4. Senior or 2nd Engineer should keep a track and inspect the job.

The second engineer asked 4/E, to overhaul the purifier which is not operational. Later he overhauled & boxed back after starting. The purifier started to overflow. Later when C/E asked about the checks he made 4/E informed, that he didn’t check bowl height. Later C/E warned 4/E for not following the instructions as per manual & 2/E for not keeping a track of the job.