Name: Siva Kumar, Student ID: 28054, Rank: C/E – Chief Engineers REO

Social responsibility having good friendly behaviour and avoiding unnecessary communication/ gossips, may avoid conflicts/ issues between crew onboard and harmony can be assured.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Whenever there is a multinational multicultural seafarer’s involved need to have good communication, good relation with each other at least familiar with each other. While working with different cultural, language, national, people use only common language not involve in making group with limited people avoid uncommon body language loudly in public place which may taken in wrong way by other even through there is intention in your speech / body language / expression

Onboard service with multinational crew one time the body language facing expression caused into one of the security personnel deployed on board by that national authority ,he pointed a machine gun on the temple of that officer and started shouting on him that the person always behaved badly, and mocking about us and body language & normal communication of the person, taken seriously wrong by the other nation.