Name: Prakash Prabhahar, Student ID: 56583, Rank: 2nd Engineer – Class IV

During the o’hauling of one of the auxiliary engines, the oiler who was handling the chain block for lifting the cylinder head, slipped on the oil on the platform where he was standing, fell down and got severely injured, leading to his signoff and hospitalisation.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Keep the work area always clean and free from oil deposits.
Ensure the PPE used are proper. (safety shoes should have proper grip)
Be aware about the surrounding before carrying out the required work

One of the auxiliary engines was due for overhaul. On the first day all the unit’s mountings were removed. On the second day when the cylinder head of one of the units was lifted up, the oiler who was handling the chain block, did not notice the oil on the platform in which he was standing, he slipped and fell down, got injured severely.