(C S MUTHU, 2/E)

The ship was berthed in one of the island of Andaman Nicobar group. 2 hours notice was given for the departure of the ship and the 2/E was asked to keep the engines ready. 2/E was from the islands and he is aware of the tides and shallow patches. He informed chief officer that, shallow patches are very nearer to the ship and if ahead movement is given while starting, the ship may run aground. He also told chief officer, that the tide is pushing the vessel to the stbd side and he requested him to turn the ship to port side and then take the ship out to sea.

Chief officer, ignored and said he knew what to be done and also he said that Master is an experienced one.Engines were kept ready and the vessel cast off. Within a few seconds, the vessel ran aground and bridge was giving astern and ahead movements alternatively. On checking from the deck, it was found the vessel is grounded and unable to come out. Then a small vessel nearby, came to the rescue and helped the ship to pull out. The net result was that the ship’s propeller got damaged, ship waited for the next tide and then sailed out.