Name: Sridhar S, Student ID: 69762, Rank: CIE – Chief Engineers

Not attending morning rounds during Discharge/loading . Vessel was discharging cargo, and it was agreed during pre-safety meeting, that mooring to be regularly tended. It was not attended and caused vessel moving away from Jetty, same was informed by Jetty person and caused stoppage of cargo for 8hrs. Cargo work resumed after further inspection.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Watch keepers to be vigilant and to attend on regular basis.
Negligence’s caused cargo delay and commercial implication
Shore personnel suspected that there is problem with machinery
Ship shore checklist has to be followed diligently and followed

As vessel was discharging on full rate. Cargo had to be stopped to prove that machinery was in good condition and watch keepers had failed to attend to the mooring, causing movement of ship away from jetty.