G Senthilkumar

Vessel completed bunkering at Singapore ‘C’ anchorage and after obtaining port clearance sailed out. VTIS informed master to keep a proper look out and take necessary action as required. At 2310 hrs, master sighted a small tug on stbd bow, and since it was quite clear, he continued his course and increased the speed. At 2330 hrs vessel collided with an unlit barge which was being towed by the tug.

Investigation revealed following :

1)the barge was unlit.

2)bridge was manned only by Master and AB.

3)forward station manned by chief officer and his group did not form a part of bridge team.

4)Master was under pressure to make lay days

5)Good radar watch was not kept.

6)In the last critical moment, master consults VTIS for taking course of action to avoid collision

7)VHF was on channel 12 and not on 16. Watch on channel 16 was not maintained.

8)As the ship did not suffer any damages, master proceeded to next port without informing any authorities.

9)The lights in the stern of the ship affected the watch keeping.Lesson learnt: /communication and watch keeping should be very effective. While on watch keeping duties do not allow any other matter to trouble you.