Capt N V Suresh

40,000 DWT ship, proceeding in Taiwan straits at 12 knots. Master was on bridge time was around midnight and change over of the watch was taking place. 3rd officer had tracked a fishing trawler on the port side at 3 nM, crossing from port side to stbd side. 3rd officer thought that the trawler will pass aft of the ship in about 30 minutes time. But due to current, the trawler was very close to the ship and was in collision course.

The trawler did not take any action as per ROR.Master altered the course to stbd. The trawler did not seem to take any action and was quite close to the vessel. Five rapid blasts were given in the ship’s whistle, but no response from the trawler and she was maintaining here course and speed. The ship was on hard starboard, the blasts were continued for some more time, and after a few minutes, the trawler responded and altered its course and the collision was avoided.

Analysis :

It was found that the persons on the trawler were fast asleep and no one realized that they were in the collision course. Alert was given from the ship and they came to action only after a few minutes. 3rd officer could have taken action little earlier, since he was inexperienced, he thought as per ROR, only the trawler has to take action and he waited