Name: Anu Pavithran, Student ID: 89658,Rank: 3EO Class IV

Now Flow Alarm came for Cylinder lubrication system.
We took delivery of a vessel from Korea (75 60Mc-c-Oil tanker). After 5 months of sailing we were going through piracy area suddenly the (Shutdown) alarm came and ship stopped. After some investigation we found that the level gear arrangement for the mechanical lubrication system got damaged due to lack of lubrication, the reason is that manufacturing the ship the small Lub oil line was not provided in the gear system for lubrication

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
We were having the spare level gear system onboard, and we changed the level gear system and provided a tentative lub oil connection from a header tank, So we fill the header tank with oil in frequent time and run of the ship up to the destination. The shipyard personnel came to ship, at the next port of call and the lubrication system was reinstated and the problem solved.
The incident mentioned above happened in the piracy area SO that every body became panic and sort out the problem as soon as possible.