Name: Nidhin Ramakrishnan Premkumar, Student ID: 79657, Rank: 3/ E Class IV

M/E LO Low pressure shutdown investigation
During my entry into the control room suddenly a whistling sound and surging happened with alarm and found out that LO low pressure shutdown was activated we found the Reset for the alarm which was reset and engine started again. Same thing happened in the 2nd day also and the series of events were repeated.
Pressure analysis and alarm system had sensors and adapters were changed. Then for one week No alarm came and again after one week it happened again. At last it was found that there is a timing adjustment went wrong, then for sensors and set if for correct value after referring to the manufacturer, which was successful and the alarm never came.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
All alarm setting has to be tried out proper action and time delay if any has to be checked and corrected with the help manufacturer