Name: Srinivasan Varadharajan, Student ID: 50711, Rank: 3A E Class IV

ME Cylinder head cracked

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
ME unit 6 cylinder head had been replaced with the over hauled one.
Preferable, to pressure test the cylinder head after overhaul.

Ship was enroute from Durban to New York with full speed. While sailing found that the expansion tank low level alarm coming frequently. It was suspected first that the liner was cracked we stopped the engine for 30mins and blown through with indicator cock open but we could not find any water coming out. Repeated at the interval of 30mins but nothing found wrong. Then we suspect the leakage may in FWG. but no leakage found with FWG. Then ship continued its passage. Next day again the engine was stopped and opened the under piston space and inspected found the water collection in unit 6, informed the company replaced the cylinder head of unit 6.