Name: Mr V V Udhaykumar

The main engine fuel injectors are water cooled. Water was found entering the cylinders frequently, and on investigation found that the water was leaking through the water cooled fuel injectors. The reaons found to be leaky Orings, improper maintenance of pre heat temperature to M/E.

The ship was having boiler survey, hence the boiler was shut down and all parts dismantled. Since the steam could not be produced, the M/E jacket could not be put under preheat, hence the cooling water temperature came to low level. The O- rings started leaking and water went to the bottom of main engine (crank case). This crank case was connected to the sump through some rubber bellows. These bellows had cracks which allowed the leaking water to enter the sump, there by contaminating the oil.
It was not noticed before starting the engine, Which resulted in damaging the bearings when the engine started running.