Name: Mr. D. Dineshkumar, C/E

During the overhauling to M/E unit 1 fuel pump, the fitter had burn injuries in his left hand palm and the face.
The main cause is due to non following of the proper procedure.
Tool box meeting carried out. 2/E thought he, had given all safety instructions, but he forgot to tell that the fuel pump had to be drained, as it contained hot fuel oil. Fitter also did not confirm this, and when he started slackening the top cover, F.O sprayed on to his face and the plam of the left hand. 2/E immediately retightened the top cover and the fitter was given first aid.
Lessons learnt:
– Risk assessment and job hazard analysis to be done before doing any such overhaul job.
– Proper isolation procedures to be followed and approved by senior officers.