Name: Dinesh M, Student ID: 3642, Rank: Technical superintendent

In one of my vessel two crew members died inside the Cargo hold due to lack of cargo hold ventilation. Vessel had loaded wood chips from Chanmay (Vietnem) and discharge port is Morak (Indonesia).

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Cargo hold should be properly ventilated and enclosed space permit checklist should be properly filled and complied with the same, company had strictly advised to vessel stating crew members should not enter into cargo hold without office approval and as safety checklist was prepared by vessel superintendent, and he has to verify and send it to vessel in order to prevent the reoccurrence.
Master should ensure MSDS is available for all the cargo and other procedures involved. If not available, should inform the office immediately.

Vessel was loaded with wood chips, So it was fumigated by Methyl Bromide. Kindly note during loading @ Chanmay Vietnam the cargo was found to be wet due to which Methyl Bromide was overdosed and MSDS sheet was not given to vessel master. Moreover this Methyl Bromide is ozone depleting substance and it is banned in most of the ports like Australia etc., Please note the concentration of fumigant should be below 20 ppm but when we measured it was more than 500 ppm and it requires special equipment to measure the gas concentration, it took 15 days for good ventilation for completion of cargo discharging.