Name: Balagopalan Narayana Mangalam, Student ID: 48415, Rank: 1st Engineer – Class – IV

Vessel fire alarm system were giving false alarm intermittently, for accommodation side, fire duty officer kept the alarm system off, to avoid the alarm coming frequently. Defect was raised and the company was informed, but replacement/repair was not done

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
After the incident, next day, safety meeting was carried out with the company representative, all the alarms tried out, ensured that individual incharges were aware about their duty, all the non working alarms and their sensors were planned to be replaced immediately.

Onboard ship many times neglecting some alarm as false alarm, may lead to loss of property or may even cause damage to personal safety. All personnel should be alert and active to avoid injuries and damages.

One day, fire alarm came from the starboard side alleyway of the officer’s accommodation. Duty officer switched of the alarm, thinking that it is a false alarm. After some time smoke was coming from one of the cabins which was locked, and the door has to be forced open, found arcs coming from electrical socket. Power was put off and the fire was controlled and put off. All the plastic linings had melted and the fire had reached the bed also. Luckily there was no casuality.