Chandran 2/O :

One of the seamen/helmsman was complaining of burning and gastric problem and he was given Gelusil tablets. He felt confortable and he continued to take it after the regular course of 10 tablets are completed. This continued for nearly 45 days and after the end of one voyage the ship called at Chennai port and was waiting at the anchorage for the berth.The seaman/helmsman complained of burning and chest pain on the next day in the anchorage and again Gelusil was given. After one hour, he complained of unbearable pain and wanted to see a doctor. With great difficulty, the boat was arranged and he was taken to the doctor and got admitted in a hospital. It was learnt from the doctor, that he suffered a severe heart attack and being given treatment.

Lesson learnt :

In case of such complaints, after the first dose is over, it is better to consult the doctor as the relief was only temporary. There may always be a different cause and that should not be neglected.