Name: Paul Zacharia, Student ID: 89468,

Provision crane greasing was done after finishing the loading of the provisions onto the deck. Crane was to be parked. 2 ABs and bosun were at the work. Bosun was the operator, and one AB was kept for communication and the other AB was trying to park the crane by using manual mode and using the handle to turn the crane inwards. Power was kept off, but when the crane came inside, the bosun thought, he can use power and do the job of parking. The AB in communication was asked to put on the power, the other AB who was on work was not informed about this. When the power came, Bosun operated the motor without realising that the handle has not been removed. Handle flew injuring the AB who was operating it manually.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Communication has to be improved
Safety posters to be posted.