Name: Manimaran.J
Student ID: 14092 Rank: Chief Engineer

All three Anx engine’s failure & T/C deterioratIon
A Panama geared V/L (Yanmar 6N18) Aux engines were getting failed frequently. Failure of turbochargers, frequent replacement of cylinder heads were necessitated. It was then decided that due to sub standard bunker supplied @ Singapore led to such failure of engines.

Correction Action/ Lesson to be Learnt:
Fuel injection pr testing after overhaul of the valve was not correct. Faulty pr. Gauge renewed. Third engineer was explained the reason for failure of engines due to a silly problem and over sight. Senior engineer had to correct the junior and correct them & guide them.
Suggestion is to calibrate the testing equipment, atleast once a year with a standard and authorised laboratory

Upon joining the vsl. Spares were ordered for renewal of worn parts and fresh investigation started to find out actual cause of the failure. After checking for the wrong supplied spares and other things it was observed that the fuel v/v testing, pressure gauge had +50kg / error. Without noticing this all 18 fuel v/vs were tested and put in the use which led to failure of engine& T/c pr. gauge renewed and all three T/c renewed. All worn out spares renewed and all three engines revived.