V Natarajan, 2nd officer :

A bulk carrier loaded coal from South Australia to New Mangalore ort in India. Pilot left at 0200 hrs and full away was given at 0230 hrs. At 0240 hrs, 2nd Officer observed spark in the funnel and informed engine room about the sparks. Duty engineer was responding, but within a short time the sparks increased, and the ropes on the mooring winch caught fire. Informed Master and engine room regarding the fire and raised the general emergency alarm.

Crew mustered and the fire fighting started. While the fire was being put off, the running generator tripped, causing a black out. Main engine stopped. The standby generator started after a few minutes and the plant restored and the main engine was again started. Within 10’ sparks again started coming through the funnel and the engine room was informed and the emergency stations called up. Main engine again failed and it took 4 hrs to repair, and the voyage was continued late.