Name: Jaiju Mazhuvachery John, Student ID: 52462, Rank: C/E – Chief Engineers

Before starting lifting operation check the load,
After lifting the load for a height of 1feet hold the operation and check whether the brake is holding.
Carry out timely maintenance checks as per PMS.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Before starting the lifting operation the load to be lifted, has to be checked and assured that it does not cross the maximum lifting load of the winch.
Company has introduced a new checklist for crane operation which has to be fulfilled before operation
As a proof of PMS apart from the 2.5year overhaul another yearly brake disc clearance check has been introduced.

Provision crane hoist winch brake failed while lifting up the load during V/L’s stay in port and full load on the hook fell into the water no pollution as the load mainly consisted of mineral water and same most of there were collected from water.