Name: Kollaparambil Vijaya Kumar Sreejith kamath, Student ID: 58700, Rank: 3/ E Class IV

Main Engine start fails because of No fuel oil pressure in the rail (RTA flex Engine)

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Remove all the tools after finishing the job.
Proper checks to be carried after your complete any job on main engine
Ask for help in case you are tired, as fatigue may make a person to forget.

At Newark main Engine Piston pull was planned, fuel pressure from the rail and accumulator were made zero, by keeping the drain of the relief valve open, with the help of a screw driver. The same was not removed after the completion of the job and it was totally forgotten. During departure engine failed to start because the fuel drained through the drain of the relief valve. Ship schedule delayed as USCG boarded the ship, to investigate.