Name: Venkataganesh S, Student ID: 692, Rank: Chief Engineer

During cargo discharging of Suez Max grade tanker at new Mangalore terminal loading arm disconnected automatically by excessive surging, due to winds. Crude oil sprayed on the deck, and on the jetty for nearly 300 meters.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Cargo stopped. Mooring rearranged, cargo operation resumed after the weather conditions improved.
During the high and moderate swell, due to enriched wind force, cargo operation to be stopped
Alternate to accommodate light curve a flexible can be used

Suezmax tanker in part loaded condition arrived new Mangalore port. After all formalities were over, cargo discharging operation started with loading arms properly connected. Due to wind, vessels experienced radiant surge, crew were attending the mooring at regular intervals. The surge of the vessel caused the automatic disconnection of the hose