Name: Velmurugan K, Student ID: 68412, Rank: 2A/E – Class IV

Not taking serious about false alarm
During manoeuvring going for loading, vessel had stern tube oil high temp alarm for few seconds and gone. Engineers thought its false alarm but its not false alarm and its real alarm triggered because while proceeding for berthing in terminal, few minutes away , propeller got damaged due to insufficient depth, tilted on the ground when at the moment hit the propeller immediately alarm had come, and when the engine is stopped, the alarm goes off . Vessel had to be berthed for loading but while trying the engine, the propeller got damaged .

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
If any alarms comes to engine room even if it is false alarm or real alarm pay attention immediately. If not able to find out the problem try to investigate and rectify the problem, whether it is big issue or small issue.

Loss of time, fortunately happened at open sea. If this would have happened at congested water would have faced a big problem.