Adrian Moses 2/E

Vessel called at Fujairah for bunkers and on completion it was decided to do main engine unit 5 overhaul as the vessel had around 3 days time in hand before calling at Kuwait. The unit was overhauled and the vessel started next day around 1400 hrs. Engines were earlier tried out and found satisfactory.

Dead Slow Ahead movement was given after heaving up the anchor, engine started, but observed that unit 5 exhaust valve. Informed bridge, but master said that since the vessel is passing in between the anchored vessels, it will be difficult for stopping the vessel, but said the vessel can move at the same speed till everything becomes clear. After clearing the congestion, the vessel was stopped and anchored; the unit 5 exhaust valve was replaced with overhauled and checked one.

It was found that the defective exhaust valve was overhauled earlier, but was not tried out. Exhaust valve clearances were not checked. Vessel suffered a further delay of 2 hours.Lesson learnt: when ever a part is being replaced, it has to be checked up for proper operation.