Name: Premkumar Rajendran
Student ID: 33893 Rank: IV th Engineer

Deck Air Compressor Dismantling / Boxing up, V-type, Reciprocating, Air-cooled. Crank case over pressuring & fuming through crank case breather.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be Learnt:
Piston opened/ Dismantled a chain, gudgeon pin withdrawn, o’ring renewed, Compressor boxed up. Tried out satisfactory.
Lesson learnt: do not cut short the actual dismantling or assembling sequence.

Deck air compressor – dismantled/boxed up with all new piston rings/ conrod bearing main bearings etc., Bumping clearance also checked. Suction / discharge valves leak tested and boxed up, satisfactory.
While trying out found crank case fuming: compressor stopped immediately. Fault finding done, it was observed to be gudgeon pin o’ring damage. Though which compressed air leak through crankcase and pressuring C/C.