Name: Kemillten Antone
Student ID: 60051 Rank: III rd Engineer

F.W.G gave way and leaked. Salinometer malfunction. In two days high salinity water had filled in Distilled F.W. Tank, kept for boiler. Weekly checks of Salinometer had to be done. Daily checks of water from F.W.G. has to be done. Boiler water cascade tank was fitted with a salinometer, to verify that the feed water salinity is under control.

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
Discharge operation stopped. Found boiler water salinity to be above 450ppm. Later found boiler water Distilled fresh water tanks ppm. To be high too. Distilled water to be taken from shore. Boilers completely blown down, tanks emptied after completion of discharge. COPT valves found fully corroded. Valves changed. Inlet & drain valves. Fresh water Generator salinometer found to be defective. Sea water had been filling in dist. F.W.Tank. Daily checks of F.W.G. water salinity to be maintained.
Suggested all testing and indicating instruments to be calibrated by authorised labs at least once a year.
Cargo oil turbines’ sentinel valves found spraying water. Vacuum condenser pressure showing positive instead of negative. Vacuum condenser & condensate temperature found very high. The valves were found corroded badly. COPT. Governor found to be hunting, hence turbine hunting. The high salinity of boiler water had led to the corrosion.