Name: Raju Raghul Kumar
Student ID: 5345 Rank: Chief EngineerSummary:

Bunkering At Singapore/ Malaysia EOPL
While taking bunkering at Malaysia, Singapore EOPL we have to be very careful in observing the bubble formation of oil sounding of tanks, since cappuccino effect being produced by some of the suppliers.

Corrective Action/ Lesson to be Learnt:
After finished bunking, pour in few litre of water inside the sounding pipe of the bunker tanker which is to be sounded. It will subside the bubbling formation in oil due to surface tension & will indicate the normal level by eliminating the cappuccino effect.

Bunkering at Singapore, Malaysia EOPL, some of the suppliers do malpractice of creating formation cappuccino effect. The bunkered qty was showing more due to the bubbling effect. After a period of 2 to 3 days, the sounding indicated drastically down, and the vessel lost the quantity of bunker by more than 5% which was a considerable loss.