Capt Benjamin Cyril S’souza

The vessel had completed its load line survey and annual IOPP endorsement, a week back. The ship was nominated to proceed to Nicobar, and there was a requirement for obtaining 10° channel clearance. The vessel was asked to intimate any defects which could hamper its deployment in Nicobar Island for a period of 2 months. The same was circulated to all officers.
The chief engineer reported that IOPP equipments are non operational. On enquiring, he started fighting with the Master. In order not to escalate the matter, the message was sent. Next day MMD withdrew the loadline certificate and IOPP certificate, thereby detaining the vessel.

On enquiring it was observed that IOPP had been non operational for the past 5 months. Spares were not indented. The master and the technical manager were kept in the dark. During the annual check and endorsement, the spares were cannibalized without informing anybody.

Lesson learnt :

Do not give false information to authorities just for getting a certificate. All spares should be indented in time and the pollution prevention equipments should bekept in working order.