Capt. L O AmbastaVessel loaded coal at North coast of Australia and was bound for Italy via Suez.Vessel was Cape size and of Panama flag. Vessel experienced bad weather in Indian Ocean. Ship was rolling moderate to heavy. Master instructed the crew not to work on the deck and also informed Chief Engineer to observe precautions, in regard to bad weather, in the Engine Rom also. Engine Fitter was given a fabrication job and for that job he needed a steel plate. Spare steel plates were kept secured in an arrangement, 1.5m above the deck. Steel plates were lashed in the forward – aft direction and were not secured in the transverse direction.

Fitter took the wiper with him for the help and both of them could not assess the situation of rolling. They tried to take out one plate, two other plates slid from their position, which could not be controlled by both of them. Fitter saved himself but both the plates fell on the wiper. Wiper fell on the deck and his legs came under steel plates. He had quite severe cuts, first aid was given and constant attention was given till the vessel reached Aden where he was hospitalized for further treatment.

Investigation into the incident revealed the following :

1.1st Assistant Engineer, in charge of the engine room at the time of incident was not aware about the job and also he was not aware that both fitter and wiper were engaged in removing the plate.

2.No pre-job meeting was carried out.

3.Lashings were not proper, and the fitter and the wiper could not assess the situation properly.

Lesson learnt :

1.pre job meeting and discussion in regard to carrying out the job in a safe fashion is required.
2.keep the head of the department informed.

3.always give priority for personal safety.

4.engage enough hands for the job.

5.follow safe working procedures.