Paul P M, Chief Engineer

Auxiliary Engine make : B & W, Type : 7L28A, BHP – 2095

While running on normal load, all crank case relief valves activated, fire alarm got activated. Engine was stopped and the load got transferred to the other generator. On inspection, found No.5 main bearing seized onto the journal. All units dismantled, crank shaft was removed. On inspecting the frame, bed plate etc, found crack in the LO supply hole in the upper side of the frame. The frame was rejected, crankshaft also found damaged beyond repairable limits, engine boxed back with new crankshaft and frame. All the bearings including camshaft bearings renewed.

The cause of the failure: the locating piece at the rear of the bottom shell was found sheared off. Because of this the upper half shifted and blocked the LO supply, leading to the bearing seizure.