Name: G.Venu
Student ID: 4663 Rank: Chief Engineer


Maker’s latest service letters/circulars not available on board.
Damage to Avx Engine Entabulature, Crank shaft, bed plate, Piston and Liner. Connecting rod found bent and damaged.
Effective engine remining units 4 out of 6 were found with cracks around gudgeon pin bush housing. 7th unit piston and liner were found in pieces.

Corrective Action/ Lesson to be learnt:
As vessel was taken over from another owner, technical team to make efforts and to ensure incoming ships machinery maker service circulars and instructions are made available to all concerned and ensure necessary actions implemented. As this was evident that maker service circulars were dated few years back from incident none on board were aware of actions required to prevent damages. Maker recommended to renew all pistons as few ships which were supplied by one licensee were found to be design defective and there by maker modified design around gudgeon pin bush housing.
During vessel loaded passage at high seas on load running generator tripped around 1430 hrs causing standby generator to start and come on load automatically. On inspecting the tripped generator, found entablature crocked pieces by way of #7th unit. Piston liners were found in pieces lying down in the bed plate. Balancing weight of #7 unit was damaged and found lying outside engine. Bed plate in a way of entablature found damaged crank pin and crank shaft webs found with extensive damage. Connecting rod found damaged. No personal injury in this incident as people were working elsewhere.