Name: Natraj Naik, Student ID: 36932, Rank: 3rd Engineer – Class – IV

As ME Lub oil backflush filter alarm activated @ 01:30hrs C/E & 3/E planned to renew the filter with new filter candles. New chief engineer signed on recently, signed off CE didn’t inform about the small bypass vent valve in the filter. This valve is supposed to be closed while changeover filter from auto to manual. This led to oil spillage

Corrective Action/ Lessons to be learnt:
While handing over and taking over, any modification done by any person on board / or carried out during his time, must be informed to all personnel.
In emergency situation nobody will think out of space / assuming about the procedures etc, which may prevent small incidents becoming major accidents.
Communication is very important to avoid accidents.

Renewing of ME back flush fitters – oil spillage and accidents