Course Description

This 3-month course enables a seafarer to attain the required Knowledge & Competence to become a Chief Officer onboard a Foreign Going (FG) Vessel after clearing MMD Exams. This competency course, along with other courses, is mandatory for Seafarers holding 2nd Mate FG COC and aspiring to appear for Chief Mate Examinations at MMDs. This course is designed & delivered as per the latest STCW Convention & as per the D. G. Shipping Guidelines, as applicable. Excellent Infrastructure, Quality Faculty & Training & Best MMD Examination results- all under a single roof at HIMT.

Duration: 3 Months
Batch DatesLocation / ModeTimingFeesBook Now
16 Sep 2024 - 14 Dec 2024TIDAL PARK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 13.4543400Rs
16 Dec 2024 - 15 Mar 2025TIDAL PARK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 13.4543400Rs


  • Second Mate (FG) CoC with 9 months Sea service.



Documents Required

  • INDoS,
  • CDC with a proof of 9 month sea service,
  • 2nd Mate CoC

If the sea service & the certificate details are updated on the Seafarer Profile, then the seafarer profile can be submitted.


Dress Code : Collarless T.Shirts, Shorts, Sandals, Bathroom slippers are not permitted for Physical Classes

Breakfast is complimentary. Lunch can be provided at Rs.3,000/- per month

As per guidelines, following books and materials are required:

1. Principles of Navigation — Joseph & Rewari
2. Practical Navigation — Subra
3. Nautical Almanac 1992 & 2008 - Both
4. Chartwork — SS Choudary (Latest Version)
5. Charts : 5047, 5048, 5072, 5118, 5056.
6. Nories Table
7. Meteorology — Subra
8. Tide Table - 1992
9. Parallel Ruler, Set squares, Pro Circle (ISOMAR (High Accuracy)- Available in AMAZON) , 2B Pencil, Eraser, geometribox, Scientific Calculator
10. Stability (Management) — Subra
11. Hindship — Joseph & Rewari
12. Hindship Stability Particulars
13. ASTM Tables - Selected Pages
14. Ship Constructions for Masters — Errol Fernandes
15. Cargo Work for Mates — Errol Fernandes
16. Emergencies — CL Dubey
17. Ship Stability — CL Dubey
18. Practical Navigation — CL Dubey

D. G. Shipping mandates a minimum batch strength of 25%. In the event that the number of participants in the course reduces due to withdrawals, causing the batch strength to fall below 25% of the batch capacity, the course would be postponed without any additional charges.

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